Justin Garcia is the co-founder of The Giving Tree Tai Chi and Cultural Center, together with his wife, Stella Yang. Justin’s passion for life has brought him around the world and back again. After graduating from the prestigious Johnson and Wales University in Providence, Rhode Island with a Bachelor’s degree in the Culinary Arts, Justin sought the exotic life in the hustle and bustle of South East Asia’s cultural hub, Singapore.

After settling down in China, Justin’s curiosity and passion for Chinese culture began to take shape. He spent time learning about Chinese tea, traditional Chinese instruments, reading Classical texts by Confucius and LaoZi and Chinese Kung Fu.

In 2005, Justin spent his first 7 years training and learning essential fundamentals of Chinese Kung Fu, under the close watch of his neighbor in Jiang Xi, Nan Chang. In 2012 Justin took a two year break from Kung Fu and started to explore the Indian art of Yoga.In 2014, Justin had an opportunity to begin training in Chen TaiQiQuan in Nan Chang. After a trip to the Chen Village in He Nan province, Justin knew he had found his new passion.

Justin is a student of Master Qin Chen Min. Master Qin is a 12th generation disciple of Chen Family TaiChiQuan and is a direct disciple under the tutelage of Grandmaster Wang Xi An.

Justin is also currently enrolled as a full time graduate student at Alhambra Medical University Masters in Traditional Chinese Medicine program.