Current Manager and Corporate Wellness Director for Nutrishop.

B.S. in Biological Sciences with an emphasis in Athletic Training and Nutrition

I have 7 years experience in athletic training for UCSB and high school football teams. I currently train staff for Nutrishop in developing corporate wellness plans, nutrition and health coaching. I teach corporate wellness seminars for over a dozen companies. In addition to my full time job I am a group fitness instructor at Pedal Spin and Pilates in Claremont, an instructor for the LASD Academy on nutrition and injury prevention, and a lecturer at ULV. I have been a promo girl for various expos and events as well as been Nationally qualified in Figure bodybuilding. Over the years I've seen how the fitness industry has changed with the growth of social media use and I have a strong passion for teaching young girls and women how to combat the unrealistic social media image and be strong not skinny! I has mentored girls to compete in a healthy way, by not doing drastic diets and draining their bodies through dehydration. My goal is to empower females of all ages to be the healthiest they can be both emotionally and physically.