Glendora Chamber of Commerce
i Shop Glendora

GH Wood Design has been a member of the Glendora Community for 32 years.  Over the years we have served many in the community and have built lasting relationships.  GH Wood Design is a family run business that takes the time to get to know each and every client, which allows us to create the best possible end products for them.  Those relationships have made us vested in the community.  We are not just an establishment that happens to do business in the city of Glendora, but we are members of this tight knit community that looks forward to the success of its fellow businesses.

The relaunching of the I Shop Glendora initiative is a great resource for the residents of Glendora.  There are so many wonderful businesses that are within reach, but many in the community are not aware of their existence.  As part of the next generation at GH Wood Design, I would like to thank the Glendora Chamber of Commerce for creating this resource for the Glendora Community.  Your ongoing support is one that is priceless and enables us to reach our clients in a variety of different ways and build the relationships that we value so greatly.