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Stuart Haskin

Stuart Haskin, Founder/Executive Director GET SAFE
Embracing Your Life:
Empowering Strong, Safe Women

Stuart Haskin has taught more than one hundred thousand individuals how to live safer lives. From survivors of violence and sexual assaults to special-needs children and adults, Haskin, uses humor combined with innovative teaching, counseling and martial arts techniques to make it possible for his students to live safer, violence-free lives. For Haskin, that means helping people smile again and enjoy all that life has to offer, without fear.
For many, life is fraught with fear; fear at home, at work, at school, on vacation, even in day-to-day routine activities. Haskin, an expert on personal safety, has been helping people around the world build stronger, safer lives for more than 30 years. Using his simple and powerful S-A-F-E system (Scan – Assess – Forecast – Execute)™, Haskin shows his students how to find and use their own inner strength and awareness to take back control of their lives.
Haskin, an Orange County Sergeant Reserve Deputy Sheriff and frequent guest speaker, has earned black belts in Kung Fu, Judo, Tae Kwon Do and Hapkido. His law enforcement credentials include training from the FBI, The California Department of Justice and the Orange County Sheriff’s Department. Haskin is also a State Certified Sexual Assault Victim and Domestic Violence Counselor and serves as a subject-matter expert for Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) on disabilities and mental illness. His recently published book, “Gift of Freedom: A Stronger, Safer You,” makes his innovative and engaging “freedom from fear” curriculum immediately available to those at risk everywhere.